Common Mistakes A Photographer Makes

It is natural for you to make a few mistakes when you begin your journey as a photographer as it is common for people in this profession to make an error at least once in their career. This is because photography is a trade, which lets you commit a few mistakes at some point of time and lets you realize it in an embarrassing way the moment you look at the picture you took. Though some mistakes might sound like amateurs you have to remember that even the most professional ones tend to commit these mistakes, no matter how many years of expertise they have.

Common Mistake

Mistake #1: Not Advancing The Film:

If you have loaded a film roll in the camera and closed it thinking that the film is advanced only to realize later that it did not happen. Shocking isn’t it?

  • Make sure that you load the film and turn the advance lever wheel.
  • You can also turn the rewind wheel of the film after closing the back to feel the tension.
  • Now shoot a photo and if the film advance begins then you know it is perfectly working.

Mistake #2: Mode Dial Gets Jostled:

Mod Off On

On several occasions, you will feel that the mode dial gets jostled thereby changing all your camera settings.

  • You will find it when you wish to change the settings that the program mode is on which does not have the versatility like the manual one.
  • If you have a camera that asks you to press a button and perform rotation of a dial to change the mode then it can give you a tough time.

Mistake #3: ISO Settings Are Very High Or Very Low 

If you are a beginner then you might be highly prone to this mistake. This is why some of your images are too dark or too bright or sometimes, you tend to shoot at low shutter speeds. If you notice any such issues, make sure you check your ISO first.

  • Apart from adjusting the shutter speed or aperture make sure that you adjust the ISO settings too.
  • If it is set at the lowest one, 100 then your pics would have a low effect and if it is more than 1600 the pics effect would be higher.

Hence make sure you avoid these common mistakes to get a better looking picture every time you shoot.